The Food Network show "Diners Drive-ins and Dives" has covered the country, looking for the best of the best food. Guy Fieri has the attitude, the taste buds and and an incredible knowledge of food.

You can go state my state at DELISH and find the best each state has to offer. Let's stay home and allow Mr. Fieri to debunk an Illinois and Chicago LIE...That deep dish pizza is the way to go. I know it's a Chicago things, but that's not pizza...ask Guy.


In this state by state list, once we hit Illinois it IS INFACT a pizza restaurant. "Vito and Nick's Pizzeria." This legendary pizza joint has been doing it since 1946 and doing it, thin. That's right, the #1 restaurant in Illinois is a pizza place that serves THIN CRUST pizza. Not something that resembles a casserole or a birthday cake, that is passed off at a pizza.

There's A Chicago Restaurant Making Pizza Pot Pies
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The crust at "Vito and Nick's Pizzeria" located at 8433 South Pulaski Road is cracker thin. It couldn't be more opposite of the deep dish. You can't do a legit Chicago pizza joint without an "Italian Beef" pizza, it's the Windy City!


This is the BEST restaurant in Illinois, according to 'Diners Drive-ins and Dives," Vito and Nicks Pizzeria.

Check out this video of Guy Fieri at "Vito and Nicks," if you wanna eat bread, eat bread...THIS is a pizza.

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