I think I'm on to something over here...

What? Shock!

I know, I felt the same way when Sweet Lenny told me about this news, but I have an idea.

A pretty great idea that I think anyone who buys the tower or visits the City of Chicago will appreciate. Let's just stick with what we love.

These are my ten name suggestions for the Willis Tower:

  1. The Sears Tower
  2. the sears tower
  3. The sears tower
  4. the Sears tower
  5. the sears Tower
  7. Building formerly known as The Sears Tower
  8. ThE sEaRs ToWeR... you know with an 8th grade throwback type style
  9. the SEARS tower
  10. And if no one likes any of those... let's just call it, "Michelle-land."

What do you think they should rename the Willis Tower?

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