Remember how frustrated you used to get over math homework? You'd toss your pencil to the floor, throw your hands and worksheet in the air and exclaim, "this is stupid, nobody even uses math after high school."  Well, you're wrong. You do need math, but only for really important stuff like figuring out how much beer Chicago will need if the Cubs win the World Series.

According to Redeye, Home Run Inn Pizza and marketing company, Digital Third Coast did some number crunching on just how many beers the Windy City would need to throw one hell of a party and the amount is staggering.

So what did they come up with? Based on Harry Carry's "drinking diary," he had 12.6 drinks per day; if 80% of the Cubs crowd (roughly 5 million people) drinks beer at that rate, the city will need 100.8 million beers over a course of two days. Are you up for the challenge?

How much do you think the city will need if the Cubs lose?