There's always at least one house that you must visit for trick or treating on Halloween for the candy or the decorations. This Rockton home should be visited for both.

After seeing the videos below on Facebook, I had to stop by this house to see it for myself. You'll find the house on W. Chapel St. near downtown Rockton. I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only does this family go all out in decorating for Halloween, they also hand out some of the best candy. Big thanks to the McLarty's for several boxes of Milk Duds. And it's not just 'come see our house' before Halloween either. They were handing out some candy weeks before the big trick or treat night. Take a look at all the sights AND sounds at this house. Yes, sounds. But you'll have to visit the house to hear what's going on inside that upstairs window.

Now, here's a look at the house in the daylight.

The owners told me they really go all out for Christmas as well. I'll be returning after the parade on Rockton's big Christmas Walk night Saturday, December 1st.

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