It's raining Skittles! This is every kids dream, right? Maybe even some adults. Well it came true in Dodge County, Wisconsin.

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Although they didn't fall from the sky, instead they fell off the back of a flatbed truck. In fact hundreds of thousands of them were scattered all over a county highway. And they were all red. Red Skittles are my favorite. I so wish I could have been there.

So what was a truck doing carrying this many red skittles you may ask? They were being delivered to a cattle ranch. Apparently these were Skittle rejects without the 'S'. Candy companies sell these rejects to cattle ranchers as a cheap substitute for corn in cattle feed, according to

Say whattttt!?!


This is news to me. Cows eating Skittles. Seems crazy doesn't it? Maybe that's why I like steak so much. The Skittles fiasco was actually a blessing in disguise because it actually worked as a road salt substitute making roads safer for drivers. It also put a sweet aroma in the air. Sorry red Skittles for you this time.