The Sunset Drive-In was once a busy hot spot for movies from 1950 until it closed in late 1970s

Take a look at what's happened to it since its closure in this video.



Wow! Time and vandals haven't been kind to the former Rockford landmark. I find it interesting that the Screen has survived for this long.

It would be awesome to see this place come back to life, but I understand the concerns from the now grown residency around the former theater. Noise, crowds, and the fear of Porno flicks being shown again (as had happened to the drive-in shortly before it's demise and closure.) I well remember my Dad calling it the "Passion Pit" as a kid when we'd drive by it on Samuelson Road back in the day.

There is a couple who would like to restore the old theater. They even had a petition set up back in 2014 to gather support for the drive-in. In fact, they still have a Facebook page set up too. It hasn't been updated since 2014 but that's how serious they were about it's revival. Click here to see the page.

The last time I went to a drive-in was the Belford (where Showplace 16 sits) back in 1994. I saw the double feature of "Speed" and "The Crow." I guess I'm dating myself now. My friends and I had a good time, even though there was an annoying kid in the car next to us that wanted to hang out in our space. Finally my friend Mike said "Hey go find your Mom." The kid took off and we could enjoy the rest of the movie. Good times.

Would you love to see the Sunset come back? Or what other place of business would you like to see return and / or be restored to Rockford?