Personally, the thought of being drunk in VR goggles sounds like a nightmare, but maybe that's just me.  Redline VR is a is a new virtual reality arcade coming to Chicago that will include VR games, escape rooms, and other on-site events.  It will allow you and your friends to be transported to other worlds. According to their website:

Founded by a film & theater director and a technical specialist for animation, Redline VR is crafting a completely different kind of entertainment.

Jonathan Irons and Aaron Sawyer are the minds behind it all.  With a combined background in theatre and digital animation, the two want to update the VR experience from clunky headsets and low-quality imaging to a more futuristic experience.

A girl playing with VR headset
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The VR spaces will be 8x8 ft and separated by grass so players wearing headsets can feel the edges.  Redline VR hopes to eventually include accessories such as vests, gloves, and treadmills to increase the sensation of reality in the game.

A free first-time experience for guests unfamiliar with virtual reality is currently available. Additionally, Redline is also offering “a la carte” arcade gaming for $10 per each 10-minute increment. Opening Fall 2018 you can visit RedlineVR at 4700 North Ravenswood Ave., Suite A, Chicago, Il.

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