Leave the kids at home for this one, Illinois is home to a Bloody Mary fest at the end of July!

Vodka, tomato juice, and more Bloody Mary toppings than you can think of, that's what's happening this July 30 in Highwood, Illinois.

Plus it's a Sunday, which is perfect for a Bloody Mary fest.

Whether that means you're having a Sunday Funday because it's the only day you can find a baby-sitter or because you'll need a hangover cure from the night before... the 8th annual Bloody Mary Fest in Highwood is where you want to be.

With mixologists from all over the Midwest, I have a feeling you'll discover a Bloody Mary that's very different from the ones you make at home.

The event is from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m and you can get more info on the Bloody Mary Fest Facebook page.

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