One of the fondest memories from my childhood was having breakfast with my Grandpa Craig. As I sat in my high chair he would load up a spoonful of Raisin Bran and hold it inches from my mouth as he pretended that it was an airplane that was coming in for a landing.

It really was the only way to get me to eat pretty much anything at that age, especially if it was bran flakes or Cheerios.

Something tells me no one will need to trick me, or anyone,  into eating David Ross' new cereal. According to WGN, in honor of Ross and all of his accomplishments, on and off the field, PLB Sports has released "Grandpa Rossy Crunch."

You can purchase a box online here, or visit the nearest Jewel Osco store; boxes are expected to hit store shelves this week.

I wonder what cereal will come next? Special K Bran? You know, for Kris Bryant.

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