In Rockford, was a car from a famous television cop show spotted?

Possible Famous Hollywood Car Spotted In Rockford

It was Sunday morning, my family and I were feeling a little bit tired and lazy. We had spent all of Saturday doing a bunch of chores for our house and running around town doing errands.

We all slept in, so when the group woke up it was definitely time for a late breakfast. Nobody volunteered to cook and going somewhere to eat was not happening. Finally, I decided to just get some carry-out. It was a unanimous decision to order from one of our favorites, Stockholm Inn.

On my way back from the restaurant, a special car caught my eye. I automatically pulled over to take a picture. Otherwise, no one was going to believe me. Check it out for yourself.

Photo By Double T
Photo By Double T

Does it look familar?

Is That The Starsky and Hutch Car?

Starsky and Hutch was a cop show on TV back in the 1970's. It was one of my favorite programs. Not for the show itself but for the car. There were a lot of things on televsion back in that era where a vehicle was one of the stars and had fans.

Here is the famous car from Starsky and Hutch.

Barris Star Car Collection Auction
Getty Images

Now compare the car I saw.

Photo By Double T
Photo By Double T

Don't they look a lot alike?

In reality, I am sure the car I saw is not the famous one from Hollywood but I would like to at least pretend it is.

By the way, the type of vehicle is a Ford Gran Torino.

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