Can the author of this post please buy me a new wardrobe? Looks like I need to replace almost everything I own in 15 months.

Gone are the days when we base our wardrobe on our age... at least I thought so.

I know I work in an amazing place where on terribly stressful, cold or blah day I can show up in some sort of yoga pants and a sweatshirt and my day will go along just fine. I'm in the minority for sure, but I can't imagine even the most professional almost 29-year-old out there doesn't ever wear graphic tees and oversized sunglasses.

Rant Chic gives us a list of 24 Things Woman Should Stop Wearing After 30, and I am not a fan. I gotta know, do you agree with Rant Chic? Or are you on my side of this debate... because if I need a whole new wardrobe by 30 I better start tomorrow!

  1. Graphic Tees - I will always love graphic tees.
  2. Bedazzled Anything - I'm not saying crazy be-dazzled, but a little sparkle never hurt anyone.
  3. Blue Eyeshadow - Barbie blue is a no-go, but navy is kind of pretty!
  4. Victoria's Secret PINK - Bury me in my PINK shirts. I will wear them until I'm 90.
  5. Leopard Print - Leopard jumpsuit? No. Leopard shoes or purse? Yes.
  6. Sparkly Pants - Bring on the sparkles.
  7. Oversized Sunglasses - Hello, you need these when you're hungover.
  8. Non-matching Socks - Who really cares if your socks match?
  9. Hoop Earrings - Well... you got me on this one. Not a fan.
  10. Furry Boots - Whatever, they're warm.
  11. Furry Anything - It's cold in Rockford. Fur helps.
  12. Tube Tops - If you can actually pull these off, keep doing it.
  13. Short Dresses - I'm 5'4", I have to wear short dresses.
  14. Mini-skirts - Samesies.
  15. Woman Overalls - Just like tube tops, if you can do it, do it.
  16. Crop Tops - Do you have abs? Are you Kate Hudson? Then you can wear them.
  17. American Eagle - Sweet Lenny still shops there, so can you.
  18. Booty Shorts - Pjs only.
  19. Old Sneakers - Don't throw them out til they're broken.
  20. Cheap Bras - Sometimes you can get a great deal on a bra.
  21. Glitter Eyeshadow - Glitter is for everyone.
  22. Platform Flip-Flops - These are for no one.
  23. Abercrombie & Fitch - Ok, don't shop there.
  24. Scrunchies - In house only, then go for it!

Ok, so there are a few that I don't agree with, but definitely not all 24!