The other day I simply Googled "back to school" in an effort to find some topics of fun back to school events/deals/etc. However, the first article that popped up was one on bullet proof backpacks. No light hearted shopping lists or the latest trends, bullet proof backpacks.

We live in the harsh reality of needing to add a bullet proof backpack to your kid's back to school list. It's not something you WANT to think about, but it's something we NEED to think about. One well known brand is Guard Dog and Guard Dog’s backpacks could help save students if the unthinkable happens. And they’re being sold right here in Rockford.

OfficeMax on East State Street in Rockford is selling those backpacks. Sheikh says Guard Dog has been manufacturing the backpacks since 2013. The idea was born from another mass shooting, Sandy Hook. The backpacks come in a variety of colors and offer different levels of protection. They cost between one-hundred and two hundred dollars.

But in reality, you can't put a price on protection. If you can't find any at OfficeMax you can check out more on Amazon here.

Credit Amazon
Credit Amazon

The backpacks are also available on Home Depot and Walmart’s websites.

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