Okay I'll just go ahead and say it, Burger King has officially made a comeback in 2018. Dare I say they're taking back the fast-food game? Don't get me wrong, I love me some BK, but I feel like in the past 10 years they've slipped off the map a little. Well, that changed in 2018. From the Nightmare Burger, to 1 cent Whoppers, they've been going viral a lot.

Burger King decided to go all out for the holidays with their '12 Days of Cheesemas'. Insider gave details from a BK press release that said -

Burger King will be giving away everything from a year's worth of free chicken fries to a trip to Bermuda to a Jeep SUV, a $500 airline voucher, a 43-inch TV, an HP Chromebook and more. Even if you don't win one of those golden items, there are 23,000 chances to win onion rings, medium fries, chicken nuggets or a Whopper for a penny.

The grand prize? $30,000. How do you qualify? It's so easy if you don't do it you have no excuse. All you need to do is download the BK app, create an account, make a mobile purchase and then you'll be entered to win a prize. SO. EASY. Hey, even if you don't win, you still got some Burger King, and that's always a win.

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