Isn't Wisconsin the state known for residents getting absurd numbers of OWI's (operating while intoxicated)? I feel like I'm regularly reading stories about someone getting arrested for their fifth or sixth OWI. How is that even possible? I'm not saying this new law is a bad thing but I'd venture to guess it won't drive OWI numbers down.

Late last week, Wisconsin's Governor signed a new law into effect pertaining to alcohol right before the kick-off of the weekend. In fact, according to Wisconsin's FOX-6, Governor Evers signed the bill right before happy hour, which makes me chuckle for some reason. Do you think he went for a quick beverage after signing it?

The new law allows bars and restaurants in Wisconsin to sell alcoholic beverages to go. The idea, or push for the new law, comes after the number of customers for bars and restaurants significantly dropped because of the OCIVD-19 pandemic.

Supporters have been pushing for the law change for a year, saying it offers another way for bars and restaurants suffering from drops in attendance to get by during the pandemic.

Bars and restaurants will not be selling your favorite adult beverage in the kind of cup you would get at a fast-food joint or gas station. These drinks must be sold in containers with "tamper-evident seals". Illinois has a similar law that was also passed during the pandemic.

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