Remember when people would "plank" or go "planking?" It's simply laying flat on something, anything...and apparently it made you cool or something? Well, one Wisconsin man learned the hard way that planking can get you in some big ass trouble. SG

Alexander Hart was found guilty of disorderly conduct, because he laid on stuff. Alex did these things all over the place, and his buddy took pictures to post on Facebook. So far so good, nothing is wrong right?

Alex took pictures planking on ATM's, merchandise displays at Walmart, police squad cars, various spots throughout Lowes, etc...Again, so far so good.

So here's where things went super wrong for Alex...He planked on top of a Police Memorial Monument in front of the local jail. Alex sees a chance to do his little social media "ha, ha" the cops see it as disrespect, and rightly so.

The judge hit Alex with a $303 fine and his brother who snapped the pics, got hit with disorderly conduct charges.

So Alex is in trouble, did something dumb BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Hours after this whole planking thing, Alex was busted to delivering weed. Oh, snap.

Fresh weed on top of money.
Getty Images

After dude gets busted, he puts on Facebook a nice little message to find his tattle tail...Help me find the person that "snitched to the pigs" about his drug dealing! Yep, Alex typed that.

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