Why, in an era of technology a swipe or click away, are people still choosing to steal from businesses? Business owners are obviously going to protect their property with some sort of security system. I was shocked when I learned only 21% of businesses have "active monitored alarm systems," according to Berg Insights.

Rockford Police Wants Your Security Camera Information
Rockford Illinois Police Department via YouTube

An employee of Trawicki Electric's Janesville, Wisconsin office shared surveillance footage of one of their buildings being robbed.

Sooo we had some visitors at my job site over the weekend right downtown Janesville.

The two individuals, whom we'll call "The Knuckleheads Duo", did a hefty job in during this endeavor. The two caused thousands of dollars in damage by vandalizing the property and they made off with tools too. As of this article, they're still on the loose. Or, as sometimes posted on Facebook, "There still on the lose."

Did one of the Knuckleheads forget their pants?

To be clear, and before you roast me in comments, I quickly glanced at some of the security footage and was baffled. (*Note: I have never claimed the smartest person.) When I first saw the action caught on camera I exclaimed out loud, "Where the hell are her pants?"

Used with permission
Used with permission

Upon a closer look, I realized I was completely wrong. There was a tell-tell indicator and I'm not talking about the videos that followed these camera stills. I noticed something odd about the woman's shoe. She was either wearing extremely black socks or this was actually black and white night vision.

Used with permission
Used with permission

Yup, this was definitely the case for this footage. I'm a little disappointed because if she indeed was not wearing pants it would be the perfect Wisconsin crime story. What do the perps actually look like? Here's some of the actual footage.

Notice his climbing skills? He would have been in a world of hurt had whatever he was climbing on had given out from underneath him. There's another view of the two perps for you (and the police) to get a better look at.

If you recognize these individuals you should contact Janesville, Wisconsin police.

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