While this story will never be called 'normal', it's easy to see how this small town finds so much joy in a big beachball bringing them a little bit closer.

What have you seen in the world around you, change for the better, since the covid pandemic began?

It probably takes a little longer to come up with something good. More often, it's the 'not-so-good' stories that usually get covered in the news.

Here's Some Good News Out of Stoughton, Wisconsin

As best I can tell, around July 23rd, a giant beach ball blew away from someone's home in Stoughton, Wisconsin during a storm and since then, it has become the biggest celebrity in town.

I asked @mskatherinelee, who recently shared her family's encounter with Stoughton's new celebrity on Instagram, how the ball is getting around town, she said:

"Honestly it started as misplaced. Someone on the Stoughton Facebook page reached out asking if someone was missing a huge beach ball because there was one that had blown to the end of a road. And that’s literally how it started. From there, people have been going out to sign it and then literally push it on its way around town."


Someone shared a photo of the beach ball on a Stoughton neighborhood Facebook page asking if it belonged to anyone. At this point, it belongs to the entire town.

Over the last week, the ball has been signed 100s of times and people rushing trying to get photos with it as it seems to keep moving around town. The ball has also had some leaks and punctures repaired by residents as nobody want this fun to end. It has become the talk of the town and it's just the kind 'chatter' need to make life a little lighter.

The ball eventually crossed paths with Stoughton resident, John Thompson, who has more-or-less become the ball's manager.

The Stoughton Community Beach Ball

The first order of business as the 'ball's manager' is to give it a name. There's was a quick Facebook poll done and the favorite name choice was, Rolie Polie Ole. The name is definitely a nod to Stoughton's rich Norwegian heritage.

Stoughton Alderman, Greg Jensen, told channel3000.com,

“It’s uplifting. You’re locked out for a whole year, just having to be so careful. People just ended up saying ‘Hey, this is so much fun. So spontaneous. Let’s go have some fun with this.'”


Stay tuned, as Rolie Polie Ole could be the name of a new Stoughton Park and the star of the next Syttende Mai festival.

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