Dori is ready for your vote! She's currently in the running for the cover of Muscle and Fitness HER magazine. 

Suns out, guns out right?

Well this week the sun isn't out at all, but the guns are for sure. That is, Dori's guns are out.

Are you ready for this?

I know Dori because she is an incredible pumpkin carver. Yes! She carves pumpkins professionally and she is so good at it.

One of the many times I've interviewed her I asked if her core muscles were tight because of all that carving.

She laughed and just kept whittling away.

Apparently my question was ring on point because have you seen Dori's abs?

I'm guessing that's not all from pumpkin carving, but maybe just a little...

She is currently competing to be on the cover of Ms. Health and Fitness and needs your vote!

Voting ends tonight, so you'll have to get to it.

Maybe after you vote for Dori, you'll do a workout.

Or eat a few slices of cake... #balance.

If Dori wins the whole contest, she'll score $20,000.

When asked what she would do with the money, she said:

I would most definitely take a vacation to refresh it's been 20 years. I would open another studio for sure. Not just fitness though. I am an artist. Im a professional Pumpkin Carver and I had a studio & I would teach people different mediums of art & helping them realize that some had talents they never even knew about.


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