Cops were called, the station was shut down, but not before a bunch of people made off with some seriously under-priced gasoline.

Milwaukee cops didn't take long to figure out that something was definitely going on at a local gas station when they noticed that the joint was just jammed full of motorists looking to fill up their tanks.

Something about the size of the crowd just didn't seem right.

That's because the "something" happened to be gas prices that were marked down seriously below the going rate.

Some drivers in Milwaukee lucked out on some cheap gas last week after a clerk mistakenly set the pump for 28 cents per gallon instead of $2.89.

The gravy train stopped after police pulled in to investigate why so many people were flooding the station.

They shut it down and called the owner who says he lost about $3,500 over the mistake.

The owner says he and the other employees only have themselves to blame for the mix up.


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