Are you that person who loves the idea of going ice skating but 9/10 times you end up with an injury? You're not alone.

Personally, when I go ice skating, I just post up on the outside of the edge and watch people fall. Because I know if I go on the ice, I'll be the one falling for everyone's entertainment. That's why this ice rink in Green Bay, Wisconsin caught my eye. It has some ice skating I can totally get behind!

Maybe skates aren't your thing, but what about a bike? Not just any bike, an ice bike.

That's a real thing and you can ride one at Titletown in Wisconsin!

How genius is that? So obviously these bikes take up more room than just your average ice skater, which means they're only available when the ice isn't at peak capacity. But when they are available, they're super affordable to try. It's just $10 for a 30-minute rental. I don't think you can put a price on how much fun that looks.

Still not down to get on the ice? Titletown also has tubing, shopping, food, and so much more. The skating rink is only open until March 10 so you've still got some time to try these ice bikes out. But then once the rink closes, Titletown is open for spring with a ton of new activities. So if you're ever in need of something to do outside of Rockford, this place has a ton of year-round fun.

Get your tickets here.


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