You're eating your lunch at your desk already, so why not take 20 of those "lunch hour" minutes and head to a Rockford school to help a student read.

The I READ program could be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.

Whenever I think about volunteering it seems pretty daunting. Like it's a huge time commitment and won't be achievable. There's nothing worse than getting excited to help someone or a project and then realizing that you can't truly commit to what you said you'd be able to do.

But, the I READ program might be something you can fit into your schedule. To be a part of the program, only requires you to read with your student partner for 20 minutes a week.

If you have more days available, you can be matched with up to three different reading partners for 20 minutes each a week. The cool thing is, the program, thanks to the United Way of Rock River Valley, wants you to be able to see the amazing reading progress these students achieve, so you stay with that students for as long as you can, ideally from kindergarten until 3rd grade.

There are three different school districts that are a part of this program, Harlem #122, Oregon #220, and Rockford Public Schools District #205, and multiple schools within those districts.

You can get all the info and sign up to volunteer on the I READ website.


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