Aldi already has a great reputation for really inexpensive, top-notch groceries. Now the offerings at your local Aldi will be getting even better for you.

Almost all of the Rockford area Aldi stores have recently been remodeled. One of the reasons for the updating, was to prepare for the stores' line up expansion. Aldi will soon be bringing freshly spiralized veggie noodles, a new line of kombucha drinks, gluten-free breads and bagels, frozen kale and quinoa burgers, a whole section of certified organic meats, convenient ready-to-eat items like fresh salads and sliced fruits to all of their U.S. stores, according to

Your Aldi Store Is About To Make It Easier To Get Healthier

Cooking Light was invited to Aldi's headquarters in Batavia, IL, to get an early peak at some of the vegetarian and vegan offerings. Take a look at what they spotted by clicking HERE.

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