PLUS - Another way fireworks are bad for you, a trick to tell if it's too hot to walk your dog, 'Shark Week' schedule, new in theaters and a Magic Mike BONUS. #5Things

Woodward officially opens their massive new facility. (My Stateline)

Study shows fireworks are bad for your health. (USA Today)

A simple trick to see if it's too hot to walk your dog. (Buzzfeed)

Sunday at 7:00 p.m. on Discovery:  Shark Week begins!  First up is a show about Great Whites called Shark Trek.  Explore the entire Shark Week schedule here.


Terminator: Genisys is up against Magic Mike XXL this weekend. The second Magic Mike movie is about a road trip to a strippers' convention . . . and the fifth "Terminator" resets the timeline to have Arnold protecting Sarah Connor ever since she was a little girl.

Today's BONUS Thing


Matt Bomer sings the Bryan Adams song Heaven and Donald Glover doing the Bruno Mars hit Marry You.