According the Zombie Defense Initiative (ZDI), the only way those uninfected survive is making it to the 'Safe Zone' set up in downtown Elgin, Illinois.

Zombie Outbreak Terrorizes Illinois City, 'Safe Zone' for Unifected

The nightmare is real and October 22nd is when it's going down. The city of Elgin calls for help to battle the zombie horde, and we've all been asked to help fortify their downtown. Be safe, be prepared, and we’ll see you in the “Safe Zone” of Nightmare on Chicago Street from 6pm – 11pm.

It's being called the biggest Halloween event in the Midwest, Nightmare on Chicago Street. And while the threat of zombies is real, I don't think you're in any real danger, unless you want to miss the fun of 4 stages of entertainment. Food, drinks bands, graffiti artists, a freak show, costume contests and Chicago TV horror Host SvenGoolie.

Nightmare on Chicago Street costume contest details:

Best Horror/Zombie Costume – $100.00
Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi/superhero Costume – $100.00
Best Couples/Group – $250.00
Overall Winner – $350.00

Check out 'Nightmare on Chicago Street' on Facebook to see other very exciting details.

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