Later today I'll be hopping in my KIA to make the trip across the Dairyland to get to the other side- my home state of Minnesota.

Every year I make the pilgrimage to attend The Conclave, a large learning conference for people in broadcasting and digital media.

And every year, without fail, when I tell people the city that I work in, they ask me some of the dumbest questions. I suppose I can't blame them; if you've never been to Rockford, you might have the same ones.

Has anyone ever asked you these 10 dumb questions about Rockford?

  1. Where the heck is Rockford?
  2. Isn't Rockford in Michigan?
  3. Why would you want to live there?
  4. Is Rockford even safe?
  5. Are there tall buildings there?
  6. Why is Rockford so flat?
  7. Do you go golfing at Volcano Falls?
  8. What's that place with all the colorful water slides?
  9. Why are there so many fast food places?
  10. Do you have any local restaurants, stores or coffee shops there?
  11. Them: Where is Rockford? Me: It's where Cheap Trick is from. Them: Who's Cheap Trick?

What's the dumbest question anyone has ever asked you about Rockford?

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