How's that New Year's diet going? I'm going to give you a reason to stray from your new healthy lifestyle just for one day.

3 Great Ways to Celebrate National Pie Die in Rockford

Monday, January 23rd is National Pie Day. I only have one word for you. YUM. So get after it. Go get your pie. I promise you your waistline will forgive you just this once. Where are some great places to get a slice or a whole pie today? Here:


The Bourbon Apple Cider pie from Katie's Pie Shop


The highly rated Pumpkin pie from Mary's Market


Greenfire founder and former pastry chef Philippe Forciolli built a world class bakery inside this Rockford restaurant. While he may have left this world, the quality of this bakery's offerings hasn't changed


So go get your pie on. And remember, I take deliveries at the station

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