What makes a restaurant beautiful? Is it the decor, the view, the atmosphere, or the menu? Perhaps it's all or part of those. These are my five favorites.

5 Beautiful Rockford Restaurants That Will Take Your Breath Away

Stone Eagle Tavern 6445 East State St.

The beauty here comes from so many unique features, inside and out. And every piece has a story. And the menu is a thing of beauty. So many choices, styles and flavors. Every visit is a great experience

The Olympic Tavern 2327 North Main St.

The deck is, in my opinion, the most beautiful in town. Dark wood, brick, gorgeous flowers, water features and no view of the parking lot or the street. And this place is a beer drinkers paradise.

Graystone Grill 1902 Reid Farm Rd.

Brought to you by the same great minds at Giovanni's and Alchemy, but the location is stunning. I might be a little bias because I love the game of golf, but this place is located at the most beautiful golf course in Rockford, Alden Golf Club. And their patio looks over the 18th green and up the fairway. This patio view is unduplicated.

Fresco at the Gardens 318 Spring Creek Rd.

Just like they say about real estate, the same can be said about this restaurant. It's all about 3 things: location, location, location. Fresco is located at the award-winning Anderson Japanese Gardens. Fresh, natural and organic foods, just like the beautiful view.

Francescos Ristorante 7128 Spring Creek Rd.

When it comes to beauty, this is my favorite. Every space here is uniquely beautiful. The dinning room; with elegant tables, fire and water wall, blue effect lighting and a black grand piano in the center of the room. Then comes the patio in back of the restaurant that makes me feel like I'm on vacation were it's day or night. And if you haven't been in the banquet space at sunset, looking west down Spring Creek Rd. yet, you need to make that happen. Stunning on every level.

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