Last Friday my boyfriend and I did some shopping for clothes that we planned on wearing to Chicago over the weekend; and what was supposed to be just your average shopping trip turned into an embarrassing dance party in the middle of a Rockford shoe store. Well, for him...not me.

Who knew that Shoe Carnival was such a hopping place? I don't typically shop there, but after spending 45 minutes picking out shoes, it's easy to see why they call it a "shoe carnival"- they have the best music, their sales staff is extremely nice, plus you get to spin a wheel for discounts and prizes.

The one thing that stuck out the most though, was the music; I didn't want to leave. As we were gathering our bags full of shoes, I looked at Jason and said, "wait, let's just see what the next song is." Would it be an oldie from the 50's? A throwback jam to the 90's? Or the latest from Katy Perry?  He looked at me like I was crazy.

Retailers, take notes, because the overhead music you play in your stores works. It keeps us in your stores and makes us want to shop; and it works for me at these five Rockford retailers that have the best background music.

  1. Shoe Carnival
  2. Schnuck's
  3. Valli Produce
  4. Woodman's
  5. CVS

Do you have a store that you shop at that has great background music?

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