You are never too old to embrace your passion.

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Clyde Bridger, who flew combat missions in the Vietnam War, is 90 years old and still just as passionate about flying. The 90-year-old veteran returned to the cockpit of a T-33 Fighter Jet for the first time in 65 years at an air show in Wisconsin. How incredible is that?

Clyde said -

I feel like a teenager all over again. There's not very many times that you see somebody especially my age even getting into one, much less actually doing the flying.

Clyde didn't just fly the plane, he got some tricks in as well. UPI details -

Bridger demonstrated maneuvers including a 360-degree overhead approach and a touch-and-go landing.


How impressive is that?

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash
Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

The owner of the plane served as the safety pilot during Bridger's flight and said he flew it better than he does. So, let's watch Clyde take flight.

I totally agree with one comment on YouTube that says -

This makes my heart smile. ♡

It just goes to show that age is just a number and passion never dies. If you love something enough, it doesn't matter how old you get. It's always going to be something you love and it should be something you embrace in your life as long as possible.

I hope Clyde inspires you today and every day to stay young at heart and never let your passion die.


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