The film titled 'Loves Park' premiered in 2017 and was written and directed by Carol Rhyu. If you haven't heard of the film before you can check out the trailer here -

Or you can learn more details about the film on its IMDB page. Carol told us some other information about the film -

It's inspired by the real Loves Park, IL, though was not entirely shot there as it is a dreamy more expressive non narrative type film about a woman experiencing some relationship fallouts, anxiety when her father-in-law passes away and her husband wants to take over the family business.
So what's currently going on with the movie? The film will be coming to Amazon on Valentines Day 2019. Here is a link to the Facebook page.
We couldn't ask for a more perfect date night movie! Congrats to everyone involved in the film and we are so proud of Loves Park for inspiring such an amazing film.

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