It's not the White Sox fault nearly every Illinois (and Wisconsin) resident happens to be a Cubs fan. It's just science and winning. The winning probably more than the science but you get the picture.

That's why what this Illinois bar created for White Sox fans is so brilliant.

The photo believed to have been taken at Angeli's Restaurant in Naperville shows that while the owners and staff at the eatery might be all be Cubs show they have just a tiny bit of love for Chicago's other baseball team.

That's because they set aside a very small TV at the bar, complete with an aluminum foil antenna, so White Sox fans can watch the games.

For now though, much like the standings, White Sox fans and their televised games will have to go to the small part of the bar for anyone that cares.

It's not a slam against White Sox fans, but more there's just not a whole lot of them anymore. Specifically, fans that actually care about the team.

After going 67-95 in 2017, you can't blame White Sox fans for not caring. However, there is hope on the South Side, with some talented young players in the minor leagues, the White Sox could be winning more than losing in the very near future.

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