Bobby Brown was in town last night for a performance at the Coronado Theater.

Everything I'm hearing is that the show was a success and everyone in attendance had a good time.

Maybe it was the food Bobby Brown ate before the show? That might have something to do with it.

A picture sent in by 97ZOK fan, Holly Williams, shows Bobby Brown hanging at Hooters in case you were skeptical.

Photo Submitted
Photo Submitted

So cool, right? Bobby Brown also gave tickets to patrons and employees while there.

Here's where it gets a little strange though, Bobby Brown allegedly told Hooters staff he was celebrating his 50th birthday while there.

I thought "Wow, even cooler. Bobby Brown is in Rockford and he's celebrating a birthday? His 50th!"

Famous Birthdays says Bobby Brown's birthday is February 5, 1969.

Is there a chance Bobby Brown was mentioning his birthday in a ploy to get free cake? Do they do free cake at Hooters for birthdays?

If so, that's a genius idea, and after all, Bobby Brown's prerogative.

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