I thought my #HotWaterChallenge with a coffee mug was cool, then I saw this. I don't care who you are or what your challenge was, this is epic.

I saw these Hot Water Challenge videos all over the my newsfeeds on Wednesday (1/30) morning. I couldn't wait to go to my girlfriend's house after the show to do a challenge with her 7-year-old son. I knew he would think it was super cool. And it was. I boiled a little water, filled a coffee mug and then we walked out to the from steps. I tossed the water and just as I expected, he shouted, "that's was awesome! Let's do it again." I was like, "you bet buddy." I had a little water left. This time I threw it even higher, and yet again he said, "that's awesome!" When he sees this, I might lose some cool points.

Here's a little something extra for you. My girlfriend's son asked what happens to the boiling water. I looked it up after trying to lie my way through it. Click here to find out what really happens to the water.

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