A few years ago, a few different companies adopted those little dome-shaped delivery robots that will drive down the sidewalk to your house.

These little guys are still in their testing phase in most areas, but they're getting closer every day.

I'm not an expert in these, but I do understand that some sort of AI is helping them learn how to cross the road, brake for pedestrians, and make it safely from their start point to the delivery and back home.

Well, they're not perfect, as many have documented in videos online. One of the more recent includes this video of one not understanding how to work a railroad crossing. The video doesn't really show the start of the incident so much as the incident itself.

The train hits the robot off of the crossing, and drags it down the track before it gets sucked under, then catches fire.

If you look closely, the other side of the track has a robot that has already crossed, so they definitely just went after the arms came down.

Ian Miles Cheong via Twitter
Ian Miles Cheong via Twitter

There's no secret that these robots are having their problems. There's a glut of videos out there of these things falling in sewers, falling off of the sidewalk, or running into things.

Like this one who hit a fire hydrant at full speed and ended up on its back.

Or this little guy, who didn't see the staircase in front of him.

Or this one, which was involved in a hit and run, where the robot crossed behind a backing car and then took off.

There's still a long way to go for these guys, but they show that we're getting close to having to worship our robot overlords.

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