After watching this video several times, i don't believe this was just an absent minded bicyclist. It was something else entirely.

I first would like to address that the following story involves a word that makes me cringe. While the most popular cringe-worthy words tend to be; panties or moist, mine has always been crevasse. And this story, from, features that word. And there really isn't a better word to describe what this woman ultimately rode her bike into.

A bicyclist in Menasha, Wisconsin plunged right into the crevasse of a drawbridge as it was going up.

I've watched this video several times, here's my theory. First she couldn't even navigate her way through the warning gates. It looks like her backpack got hung up in the gate to the right and damn near removed her from her bicycle seat. That actually would've been a good thing, because she seemed completely oblivious to her destiny that lied ahead. She corrected her abrupt course change and kept riding toward doom the crevasse like it wasn't even there. This is where I noticed how late it appeared to be and I realized we're dealing with a drunk bicyclist. She rode into the (you're going to have to say it, because I can't anymore) and just disappeared. Now, let's watch together.

What's your theory? Prove me wrong.

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