Wonderful Spring time; sunny skies, warm weather, and joyful walks in the park and by the river. But watch out for all the ways geese try to screw up all that joy.

While walking along the Rock River yesterday, my daughter wanted to get a closer look at some baby geese. She wasn't that close. At least not so close that the mother needed to squawk so loudly and start running after my daughter. Little did she know, that much like her, nobody comes at my child like that. So I darted at her squawking my head off and that's when I saw something I've never seen a goose do. She calmed her ass down and walked away. "That's right", I said, "don't mess with Big Chocolate Daddy!"

I'm glad I didn't have to tussle with the goose in the video below. This goose had zero F's to give and took a man down. And he was a cop. Somebody needs to remind her that Blue Lives Matter. Take a look at what happened in this video from the Clarksville, Indiana Police Dept. via Facebook.

One more warning. There's goose poop everywhere right now and I have the dirty dad shoes to prove it.

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