This could ruffle a few feathers but it needs to be said. Wisconsin's biggest music festival, Summerfest, will be requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination(s) or a negative test result. This will not have the effect on attendance like some people are saying.

Like many festivals and concert promoters, more and more are stating the same message: Get vaccinated or show a very recent negative COVID-19 test result or you're not coming in.


Test results must be obtained within 72 hours of the date you plan to attend Summerfest or a concert.  Either a PCR or Rapid test will be acceptable.

As expected, there are some who are not happy with this decision.

Summerfest via Facebook
Summerfest via Facebook


Goodbye Summerfest!! It’s been fun, but we need to break up now. Good luck with a virus that’s never going away!

Here's another...

First year I have no desire to go to Summerfest! They ruined it, will never be the same, how sad!

And this one...

I hope you now this decision will have consequences to your bottom line and I hope you feel every bit of that.

Credit: Summerfest, Facebook
Credit: Summerfest, Facebook



Let's focus on the musical acts, which you can find here. If your favorite band or musician is playing an event where protocols such as this are required in order to attend the show, there's a probability that they're advocates for the vaccine. If not, even if they're locked into a contract, surely smart attorneys could find a loophole to get them out of the deal.


Even if we assume only half of Wisconsin and half of Illinois are vaccinated, that leaves a large total number of potential attendees, not to mention those who choose to not get the vaccine. (Which is their choice, by the way.) When it's a simple and quick as it is to get a COVID test, some people will suck it up in order to enjoy live music.


According to Summerfest's website,

Refunds for Summerfest General Admission tickets, in addition to concert tickets may be available pending Ticketmaster policies.

Credit: Summerfest, Facebook
Credit: Summerfest, Facebook

Also, anti-vaxxers who chose to not attend Summerfest only leave more room for those who are vaccinated and those who get arrive with an authentic negative test result.

Find more about the entry protocol for Summerfest in Milwaukee here.

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