Fritz can't seem to catch a break...or a steak, tacos or hot dogs.

Call me naive, but I was always under the impression that dogs were naturally good at playing fetch and catching things in their mouths. I didn't really figure out how wrong I was until I got a dog of my own. They clearly need some kind of training.

Meet Fritz, he's a very good dog who's very bad at catching food; but that's ok. We learn with practice and with practice comes mistakes. Someone once told me that making mistakes is proof that you're trying and Fritz is making a lot of mi-steaks. See what I did there.

Watch, in slow motion, as Fritz's owner tosses a variety of all your favorite foods his way and see how adorably he misses. Don't worry, none of the food went to waste; I don't think the five second rule applies to dogs. My favorite is the taco.

Check it out.

Who's a good boy?



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