It's 2015 and we still rely on a giant rodent to predict the nation's forecast.

Punxsutaney Phil must've seen Nationwide Insurance's controversial Super Bowl commercial because after seeing it, he got so depressed that he crawled back in his hole; predicting six more weeks of winter.

In case you're as confused about Groundhog Day as I am, let me clarify things for you, because I always forget how it works: If Phil sees his shadow, there's six more weeks of winter. If he doesn't see his shadow, then we get an early spring.

We probably don't need a ground hog to tell us that, considering the weather we experienced over the weekend. But according to Bill Cooper, who runs Punxsy Phil's 'Inner Circle', "We do this for the fun of it, Groundhog Day doesn’t continue because it’s the most sound meteorological weather forecast. Groundhog Day continues because it’s fun.”

Who else hasn't seen the movie? Maybe we should watch it later to celebrate?






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