Sure, we've snacked a lot during quarantine, but we've really outdone ourselves in terms of drinking.

So we asked on our Facebook page - What have you been drinking?

Here's some suggestions from the comments in case you need a new quarantine drink in your life -

Looking for something fruity? Here's some suggestions from our listeners - 

  • "Strawberry mango daquiri"
  • "Vodka and cranberry mango juice"
  • "A quarantini of vodka, peach schnapps, pomegranate and orange juice"
  • "Mimosa"
  • "Tequila sunrise"
  • "Stella berry - Two cups vodka, two cups lemonade, fresh strawberries"
  • "Pineapple juice, coconut mango hard seltzer and 2 shots of Malibu. Its like a refreshing pinacoloda"

How about something sweet? -

  • "Amaretto Stone Sour with Fireball soaked cherries"
  • Or this amazingness ...

And then of course ...WINE - 

  • "Wine, wine, and more wine"
  • "All the wine"
  • "Wine"
  • "A bottle of wine"

This woman just outdid us all -

Like ok, I see your flex.

You can check out all of our listener suggestions for yourself here -


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