If you're from the Midwest, the people behind this Instagram account will have your feed filled with the funny things only we understand.

We're friendly folk, always quick to lend a hand, to help you shovel snow from your driveway one day and quite possibly joining you in the backyard for a cookout the next.

That's the other thing about life in the Midwest, especially in the month of March. It can be nearly 60 degrees one day and 25 with a few inches of snow falling the next day.

Things all Midwesterners know to be true

We are always on the hunt for a good time. You'll often see us hanging out in our garages on lawn chairs with friends.

Nobody throws bonfire parties like a Midwesterner

Lots of wide open spaces for fun

Also, in the Midwest, a dollar goes further (excluding Illinois)

What states are part of the 'Midwest'

Touropia.com made this nice and colorful little map to show you which 12 states make up the Midwest.

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The other day, when we had one of those unseasonably warm days followed by a crazy thunderstorm and tornado sightings, then a couple of inches of snow the next day, my wife shared a meme with me about how Midwesterners act once we get one of those warm March days.

She found the meme on Instagram. It was shared by an account named, Midwest vs. Everybody. Their profile says,

"Sharing the best Midwest memes and videos to document the rise of the Midwest - we’re the best!"

You have got to start following this IG account, it's hilarious

The Midwestern Garage Party

Make sure you read the comments on this next one.


You can't do anything but laugh at the crazy weather we get in the Midwest

You will smell this next photo immediately!

If you've never eaten any of the four things you're about to see, you are NOT from the Midwest.

The Midwestern Outdoor Fridge

Yep. A decision was made.

When @midwestvseverybody on IG showed me I am not the only one who gets joy from kicking this;

When you say you 'Back the Blue', it means TWO things in the Midwest

Another thing the Midwest is VERY well-known for are fantastic Friday Night Fish Frys

40 Recommended Places for a Friday Night Fish Fry in Illinois

This list of recommended fish fry spots is long enough to go to a different place every week for almost an entire year.

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