Now that school's out for summer, there's a very good chance that you've stocked the pantry full of goodies for the kids; if any of those goodies were Hostess brand snack cakes and donuts, you may need to take them back to the store. This is especially important if your child has peanut allergies.

NBC reports that Hostess has issued a recall for their snack cakes and donuts because they may have come in contact with peanut residue and they're recalling 710,000 boxes "out of abundance of caution."

The products affected include:

  • Single serve snack cakes and donuts
  • Multipack boxes
  • Bagged donuts
  • Brands include Ding Dongs and Zingers

Hostess encourages anyone, especially those with peanut allergies, who purchased these items to return them to the store for a full refund.

For a full list of products that are part of the recall, visit the FDA's website.


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