You know what's the worst? Hard butter. Think of all the ruined pieces of toast and muffins that have crumbled in the presence of your favorite creamy spread. Not to mention the numbers of pants that you might have ruined because you were at a restaurant where they gave you one of those cups full of tiny butters, all which are still cold, and you put one between your thighs in hopes of melting it. Don't act like you've never sat on some pats of butter before.

Here's a simple life hack that is perfect for when you need to apply cold butter to your baked goods.

Have a life hack you want me to share or you think I need to now about? Just let me know.

And if you missed last week's Handy With Mandy, you can watch it below.

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Oh, and Steve Shannon got in on the fun too; here's a great video on how to relieve stress in just 30 seconds.

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