Six Flags Great America will be hosting the 30 Hour Coffin Challenge during their Fright Fest season for the second year in a row.

It's pretty self explanatory, you lay in a coffin for 30 hours straight and breaks, meals, etc. are given occasionally. So this challenge had me wanting to see if I could do it. Spoiler alert - I know I can't, so I asked Six Flags if I could do a mini version.

So I present to you, myself, in a coffin, for 2 hours straight, at 5 AM, in 45 degree weather. Enjoy -

And if being in a coffin for two hours straight wasn't enough. I then faced one of my biggest fears and went through a haunted house. But not just any haunted house, I went through 'Manslaughter Manor'.

And I didn't go alone. One of the Fright Fest characters, The Ringmaster went with. Chaos ensued -

So experience all this and more during Fright Fest 2019!

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