Life is all about choices. Why on earth anyone would choose to take this challenge is a total head-scratcher. Even more so after hearing this warning.

The latest social media challenge from TikTok is called...

The Sleepy Chicken Challenge or NyQuil Challenge

This latest dangerous trend involves boiling some chicken breasts in a pan full of very strong and sedating cough syrup, like NyQuil for five to thirty minutes.

While I have yet to find a video of someone eating the Sleepy Chicken concoction, I wonder what the reason is for the challenge.

...Is it so you don't have to eat chicken noodle soup and take a shot of NyQuil when you're sick?

I've never really thought of NyQuil actually curing any cold or flu symptoms. To me, NyQuil is just to knock you out so deeply that you don't give a damn that you're sick.

...Is the challenge really to try and stay awake after eating the chicken?

Those of us that were smart enough to not eat a Tide pod or drink bleach to cure covid, we still wanted to know what the dangers might be from 'taking the challenge.'

The Steve Shannon Show reached out to UW Health pediatrician, Dr. Bill Renk for the accurate warning that nobody is talking about.

Dangers of the Sleepy Chicken or NyQuil Chicken Challenge

What Dr. Renk shared with us was even more disturbing and disgusting than we thought. You can see the dangers of too much NyQuil on the bottle's label.

All sorts of awful things can happen to your brain from too much NyQuil

But, before we got to the 'too much NyQuil' subject...

Dr. Renk shared pretty disgusting problems that can potentially come from eating that boiled chicken. He used just two words that ought to convince even the dumbest among us to just avoid the challenge altogether.

Bleeding Diarrhea

That's enough deterrent for me.

Any day you avoid bleeding diarrhea is a good day!

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