What are your kids being for Halloween this year? Or better yet, what costume did they ask you to look into making them, but suddenly just decided to be a Power Ranger instead?

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year. How could you not love costumes and candy?

There's even alliteration involved!

But, there's one component that can cause some stress, especially for parents... the costume discussion.

Sure at the end of the day, it's all fun and games but the weeks leading up to Halloween when your kid starts changing their mind about their costume over and over and over again and you're trying to make the costume - that can make a mom pull her hair out!

I was kind of surprised to see the most searched Halloween costume in Illinois this year is a dinosaur.

Then I was more surprised that I mistook Missouri for Illinois... whoops.

Illinois' most popular costume is not dinosaurs, it's Harley Quinn.

Kudos to our state for Googling something that actually isn't clear-cut for parents to create without a search.

All Home Connections
All Home Connections

Where does this info come from? The team at All Home Connections.

The team created this map by 'referencing Google's top Halloween costume list from 2020 and other trending costumes.'

I'm pretty surprised there are that many states interested in mouse costumes... for two reasons. First, not that exciting of a costume and second is it something you really need to google to make?

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