Outside of Illinois, you may think the person is talking about a drug. Honestly, I think if you live outside Chicago you'd think that.

I'm not really sure that this is truly the top slang word used in the Land Of Lincoln. I mentioned it to 3 co-workers, all lifelong residents of Illinois, and they'd never heard of it. I was surprised that one of those co-workers is from the Chicago burbs and when I said what it was, she said she'd never heard it before. I said the slang word is "LSD" and she just looked at me with a blank stare.

Take a look at what MentalFloss.com's survey of the Top Slang Words for All 50 States found out about Illinois in the graphic below

Illinois’ Top Slang Word Definitely Not About Drugs

Really, LSD for Lakeshore Drive? That can't be our top slang word. What word do you think it more likely Illinois' top slang word?

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