When it comes to celebrity comedy roasts, no one is safe including the Easter Bunny during this hilarious show coming to Wisconsin.

One Of The Best Styles Of Comedy Show Is Coming To Wisconsin

I'm a huge fan of celebrity comedy roasts. It's hilarious to experience a group of comedians and famous people ripping on each other. That reminds me of all my friends growing up. You're required to have thick skin or it's going to be a difficult time for anyone and everyone.

Celebrity comedy roasts have been around for a long time but they were made famous in the 1970s by Dean Martin. Comedy Central brought them back in the late 1990s and was trendy until they ended well into the 2000s. If you've never watched any, I highly suggest checking some out because they're hilarious. I wish there were more made now.

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Celebrity Comedy Roast Of The Easter Bunny In Wisconsin

Fans of celebrity comedy roasts are excited because there's a very special event coming to Madison. Just in time for the upcoming holiday, the target is the one and only Easter Bunny. Now, this sounds like a fun show.

Details For The Celebrity Comedy Roast Of The East Bunny In Wisconsin

  • Sat 3/16 at 9 pm (doors 8:30 pm)
  • The Forward Club at Breese Stevens Field in Madison
  • Tickets on sale now HERE
  • 18 and over show
  • Presented by Cheshire Cat Comedy
  • Featured comedians
    • Sonal Aggarwal
    • Kadeem Fuller
    • Sasha Rosser
    • Michael McChesney
    • Noah Mailloux
    • Connor O’Hara
    • Special guests
  • Celebrity roasters include


Daria Morgendorffer


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