I blame myself completely for this one, but thought I would share it with you as a warning.

Usually, I consider myself intelligent and I research things before I buy them, but after I lost my Fitbit a few weeks ago, I was determined to get another one at a cheap price.

Knowing that FitBit no longer makes the model I loved (and have been wearing for over seven years), I just went to Google to try to find it, and I did.

At a website I should have realized was sketchy. For some reason 'Neighlyhood.com' seemed fine when I placed my order.

That was until I got en email confirming my order and the item name wasn't listed and I realized when tracking the order that it was coming from China.

My thought, of course, I am definitely not receiving a Fitbit.

I was right.

I did not get a Fitbit in the mail, but what I did get (or rather my parents because I shipped it to their house), was a bunch of masks.


You may recall, we told you about this scam on ZOK, so you'd think I would remember and not give a random website money and my address. But, we all make mistakes right. I would use a facepalm emoji right now but I'm not actually sure how to do that on this website.

So here I am, $70 in the hole, plus I just ordered an actual Fitbit for $70 which I expect to actually receive.

I'm working to get a refund, but I would say that's highly unlikely.

Now the weird thing is that, if you read a lot of the mystery masks from China articles, you will realize that these were unsolicited, where mine, while I didn't order a set of masks, I did order something, so I suppose it was a little more solicited?
Moral of the story, just order your Fitbits from their actual website.

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