Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois recently announced that a new head over heels flipping coaster is coming in 2017.

Prepare yourselves for a brand new roller coast that will lift you up 12 stories on a 90-degree lift and then fling you head over heals 6 times all while being weightless. According to ABC 7 in Chicago, The Joker arrives at Six Flags Great America in 2017. Take a look at what we're in for when it arrives.

I will stand through a long wait to get on it and even ride this beast, all the while the worst anxiety will sit deeply in my soul. I will talk myself in and out of riding it more than a half dozen times while in that line. I will ride it completely scared out of my mind. Quezzy stomach, muscles clenched, sweaty palms... you name it. Why do I put myself through this agony? Because the second the ride is over, I feel like I conquered my own inner beast and that gives me a sense of pride. You'll still never get me on one of those old-style wooden coasters. Too much jostling around and I feel like I'm going to ride right of the tracks.

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